This is a blog chronicling the fundraising efforts on Kickstarter and the trials and tribulations in the making of the animated film: Dizzler in MASKHERAID, starring me, Dizzler! You can check out the fundraising site here:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dearest Loving Supporters,

A big thank you to all the people who've helped fund and pass on info about this project. I am shocked and extremely grateful for all the support from my fans new and old. If, or I should say when (!!!), this film comes into fruition I promise to sing my heart out! zap my eyes off! and bring the world the new rehabbed, ready to reclaim her fame, DIZZLER! I am so ready.

Thank you from the tips of my roots to the points of my heels,
Yours always,

P.S. Any and all support is appreciated. Just like all stars are appreciated from the big mega superstars like me, to the everyday little mini dim stars like you. What really matters is that we are all stars.